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About PSP Metrics

For more than 60 years, PSP Metrics has specialized in the science of evaluating employees, from front line workers to executive leaders. PSP's history of scientific research dates back to the days of PSP Research Director Frederick Herzberg's research on work motivation. PSP continually conducts validation research and follow-up studies for executive selection and development and hourly worker selection. This research allows PSP, by comparing test results and interview data with our extensive databases and normative groups, to predict with significant accuracy whether a person will perform above, below or at an average level in jobs ranging from production worker to CEO.

PSP's services are divided into two broad areas-assessment and organizational development. Measurement of abilities and work behaviors is the primary tool used to build more productive companies.

Today, PSP has customers in 47 states from Maine to Hawaii. PSP's products have been used in Canada and Mexico, as well as in 23 countries throughout South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Many of PSP's Fortune 500 company clients have been satisfied customers for more than 60 years. PSP's national reputation is built on leadership in combining professional industrial psychology and state-of-the-art technology.

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