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Client Solutions

Recognizing that no two organizations are alike, PSP designs its product lines to meet the current and future needs of each of its clients. Some recent examples of the solutions PSP provided to its customers:

  • Conducted plant start-ups or expansions in North America with Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Swedish, and Chinese companies.
  • PSP launched a Chinese language website with a full range of tests and 360 surveys online. Later created Chinese benchmarks for hourly production and college level professional positions.
  • PSP's online Spanish testing website utilized for key management and salaried positions at a new plant start-up in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Conducted Behavioral Interviewing Skills Training at many locations for a large international steel company.
  • PSP conducted a CEO Successor Development Program for a Fortune 500 electrical products distribution company.
  • PSP conducted mid-management 360s and Developmental Training Plans for a large North American manufacturing company.
  • PSP designed a selection program for a steel plant which resulted in successful work performance of 75 out of 91 production employees.
  • Reduced turnover from 50% to less than 5% for a pharmaceutical plant's chemical technician position.
  • Conducted an Employee Opinion Survey for all employees at 3 locations: Texas, Iowa, and Alberta, Canada with over 90% participation rate.
  • PSP created customized benchmarks for screening tests used by a major auto supply company in the U.S.
  • PSP helped a venture capital firm gain an extra $10 million by identifying strong executives for a small manufacturing company.
  • Used Wyvern OJQ Downsizing Tool to assist an international chemical company in restructuring one of its largest divisions.
  • Enabled a $390,000 reduction in workers' compensation costs for an automobile supplier.
  • Conducted a Board of Directors evaluation for a large family-owned holding company.


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