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Online Testing

Available anytime, anywhere, 24/7

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For almost 60 years, PSP has been known for scientific precision and accuracy in employment testing systems. Now the objectivity and integrity of PSP's human resource measurement systems are available online, anytime and anywhere - 24/7.

PSP Online Testing allows candidates to take the PSP assessment process using any personal computer with access to the Internet. This approach removes the need for company personnel to administer PSP tests, thereby saving valuable staff time. It also minimizes costly travel expenses.

PSP Online Testing is self-directed, with test questions and answer sheets presented on the PSP Online Testing web site. Once a candidate has taken the tests, the completed tests are scored at PSP and a PSP Industrial Psychologist reviews the test scores. PSP staff will then e-mail the test results to your company contact person.

If you are interested in bringing Online Testing to your company, have a contact person call PSP for more information. A demonstration of the Online Testing process is available for your company at no charge.

Being easy to work with is an important guiding principle at PSP. Online Testing is another step in applying this principle, linking excellence in human resource measurement with speed and convenience in procedures.

For more information about Online Testing, please contact your PSP Industrial Psychologist at

PSP Online Testing gives you a quick, convenient way to take advantage of the objectivity and integrity of PSP's human resource measurement systems - available anytime, anywhere. The following section illustrates the flow of the online testing process.

Using PSP's Online Testing System

1) Company provides candidate with password code for entering PSP Online Testing web site.
2) Candidate connects to PSP Online Testing on any personal computer with Internet access.
3) Candidate completes PSP customized test battery.
4) Completed tests are scored by PSP staff.
5) PSP psychologist reviews test scores and creates profile.
6) PSP e-mails test profile to company contact within 24 hours.
7) PSP customers have the necessary information to take action quickly and confidently.

You can start Online Testing here


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