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The Resource, PSP's newsletter, is available for download. Each file can be downloaded in PDF format using Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems, Inc. This software is provided free of charge by Adobe Software. The newsletters are listed below along with article titles (the title or date of the newsletter is the link for downloading):


» Fall 2016
Key Ideas for Leading & Managing Successful Organization Change Article (PDF)
The 21st Century Workforce Arrived with Unanticipated Consequences Article (PDF)

» Spring 2016
4 Essential Leadership Compentencies (PDF)
Employee Turnover Stop the Bleeding (PDF)

» Fall 2015
Hiring and the Bottom Line (PDF)
Selection Tips for Talent Management (PDF)

» Spring 2015
Are Bad Habits Holding You Back (PDF)
Conflict Resolution (PDF)

» Fall 2014
Do You Hire Employees Who are a Safety Risk?
Risk Management and the Frontline Employee

» Spring 2014
High Potency Listening
Ten Observations on Successful Leadership

» Fall 2013
Career Development Is Not Optional
What Do You Need to Know To Be a Successful Entrepeneurial Leader

» Spring 2013
Personal Career Planning: Five Steps for the Future
Retention Succeeds When Selection Succeeds

» Fall 2012
Performance Management: The Most Important Thing Managers Do
Employee Engagement: Steps to Take Now

» Spring 2012
What's Your Management Style?
Predicting Successful Candidates

» Fall 2011
The Differences Between Coaching, Managing and Training
What's on Your Leadership Dashboard?

» Fall 2010
Employee Development - Lessons Learned from 60 Years of Experience
When Our Best Isn't Good Enough

» Spring 2010
Notes on Effective Decision-Making
Successful Succession Planning

» Fall 2009
Leadership Planning in Difficult Economic Times
Filling Your Leadership Toolbox
Lessons Learned from 60 Years of Employee Selection

» Spring 2009
Leadership in a Slumping Economy
Strategic Downsizing: Fair and Performance-Based
Staying Union-Free in Difficult Economic Times

» Fall 2008
Generating Employee Engagement
Plant Start-ups and Expansion: Creating a New Culture
One More Time: How Do We Develop Leaders?

» Spring 2008
Promoting Competent Leaders
Coaching for Faster Development and Performance Gains
The Value of Double-Entry Note Taking

» Fall 2007
Successful Executives Are Different
Why Successful Executives Read
Selecting Senior Executives

» Spring 2007
Recruiting a Winning Team
Interviewing-Truth or Consequence
Mergers and Acquisitions: Measuring the People Side of the Ledger


Special Editions

» PSP Online Testing System
Available Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7
Using PSP's Online Testing System

» One More Time: Answers for Motivating Today's Employees
Frederick Herzberg's Research on Work Motivation and the PSP Legacy
Achieving a Motivated Workforce
Lessons Learned from Dr. Frederick Herzberg's Motivation Research at PSP

» Sales Force Management
Leading a Winning Sales Team
Developing a Successful Sales Force
Hiring Star Performers in Sales

» Electric and Gas Utilities
Management Development in a Re-Regulated Environment
Predicting Sales Success in a Deregulated Marketplace
The Changing Nature of System Operations

» Improving Selection Decisions Around The World (Chinese Translation)

» Attracting and Retaining Capable People
Creative Recruiting Brings Results
Reduce Recruiting Costs Through Better Employee Retention


Archived Editions

» Fall 2006
PSP Metrics: New Name, Same Service
360 Surveys: Not Created Equal
Is Your Top Executive Team Really a Team?

» Spring 2006

1946 to 2006: 60 Years of Innovation @ PSP
Employee Surveys: Forum for Communication
Stress Management for Executives

» Fall 2005
Innovation: The New Leadership Competency
Management Competencies for the Global Marketplace
Management Training Plans That Work

» Spring 2005
Facing Reality: Making the Difficult Decisions About Employees
Eight Habits of Effective Critical Thinkers
Why Job Knowledge Isn't Enough

» Fall 2004
Addressing the Leadership Gap: Identifying NOW the Next Generation of Leaders
Managing the Twenty-Something Employee
Are Two-Thirds of Employees Above Average?

» Spring 2004
The Difference Between Leadership and Management
Leadership Selection: Getting the Right People on the Bus
Frontline Employees: Achieving Return on Investment (ROI)

» Spring 2003
Interviews Alone Are Not Enough for Success in Hiring
Accurate Feedback Essential for Employee Development
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

» Summer 2002
Executive Coaching: Improving Performance to Stay at the Top of the Game "Good to Great"
Leadership Development Is Key for Middle Managers



» Fall 2001
Preventing Hiring Mistakes - Patience Pays
Career Development Maximizes Return on Human Capital Investment
Employee Retention Surveys - Science Plugs the Hole in the Bucket

» Fall 2000
Orientation for New Employees Promotes Retention
PSP: A Unique Difference for Our Clients
Behind the Facade - The Importance of Testing for Work Behaviors

» Spring 2000
The Financial Payoff for Hiring Right
Succession Planning Without Job Titles
Energy, Drive and Work Motivation: The Keys to Productivity in the New Millenium

» Fall 1999
Casting the Big Net: A Recruiting Strategy for a Tight Labor Market
Executive Development: Successful Executives Continue to Grow
PSP Databases and Norms Establish Benchmarks

» Spring 1999
Improving Selection Decisions Around the World
Hire Right the First Time
Predicting Success in Sales - Research Shows the Way

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