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PSP Metrics is a leading provider of employee measurement tools.

Our pre-employment screening tests serve manufacturing, consumer products, and electric utility industries throughout the United States and in 23 countries worldwide.

We also design organizational development tools for employee retention, management development, and succession planning.

The hallmark of PSP's work is our ability to adapt each of our products to the specific needs of individual customers.

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Making Lemonade How often have you hired candidates with all the right credentials and experience, yet who do not quickly adapt to the position for which they were hired? Once they are on board, what options do you have? You can quickly put them on a performance improvement plan. Or, you let them go and hope to do a better job of selecting their replacement. Neither option is good and both tend to be expensive in time and money.

Click here to view the entire article that will provide practical actions to develop a performance improvement plan.


Hold on to Your Talent A recent study reported in the Harvard Business Review stated that a high percentage of top young managers are in a non-stop job search. Dissatisfaction with development, training, mentoring, and coaching are important reasons why many of these young professionals make early exits. Many younger managers and professionals expect continuous learning opportunities, both formal and informal, as part of their motivation for continuing to work for their employers (Hamori et al., 2012). Don't let this happen at your company. You can retain your best performers through a comprehensive talent development program that ties in to achieving your business goals.

Click here to view the entire article that will provide practical actions to develop a comprehensive talent development program.


PSP Metrics has joined with Talent Management Resources to post blogs on issues regarding Managing Talent and related issues. Here is the link to our page on the blog site.

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We've all been in poorly planned meetings that drone on forever, lack purpose, and sap our energy. Meetings are unavoidable, but with a little planning, you can turn them into the most productive part of your day. Here are some simple steps for more efficient and productive meetings: more . . .


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