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Career Development

Building competitive companies is all about developing more capable employees. PSP has helped thousands of employees learn how to continue or achieve successful careers, and we've helped their organizations learn how to maximize the talents of promising contributors.

Managers will discover that by developing and coaching their staff, employee enthusiasm and commitment will rise along with overall company performance.

Dr. Frederick Herzberg

To create a successful career development program, we examine the individual thoroughly, examine the organization, and then plan a career path that will help the employee to improve job performance and have more competitive career potential.

PSP evaluates candidates' pertinent intellectual abilities, explores their individual interests and values to identify their sources of job satisfaction, and determines work behaviors and personal styles. Finally, we identify competency gaps that hinder successful performance and future career growth, and create an individualized training plan with specific suggestions for growth and development.

We also evaluate organizational needs and opportunities, examining the candidates' current positions and career aspirations in light of their characteristics. In so doing, we can make suggestions that will benefit both the employees and the organization.

PSP provides information on coaching to help managers guide employees through their career development plans. We also provide consultation with managers to help them follow up effectively with employees.

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