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System Operator Selection

PSP Metrics has the most comprehensive validated pre-employment screening tool for system operators in North America. Since the 1950s, PSP has tracked success factors in system operations work, comparing PSP test scores to actual work performance of existing system operators throughout the continent. We have consistently found that a particular combination of cognitive abilities, work interests, and work behaviors distinguish successful system operators from other performers. The precision in PSP's validation research has enabled us to distinguish between system operators for electric distribution companies and those for ISOs/RTOs.

Throughout North America, electric utility companies, regional transmission organizations, and independent system operators already use PSP's screening tools to assist them in making hiring decisions for system operation positions. The success rate of applicants chosen with the PSP system operator assessment system is extremely high for both electric distribution companies and ISOs/RTOs. In view of the responsibility that system operators have for safety, reliability, and equipment on the electric grid, selection of the best candidates for the job is more important than ever.

PSP's current industrial psychologists have worked in the electric power industry for over 25 years. They have seen the changes in the control room environment brought on by market forces, technology, and government policy. PSP measurement tools have been adjusted and recalibrated as these changes have taken place. As a result, PSP's system operator screening tools are as up-to-date as the most technologically advanced control centers.

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