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Management Selection

Correctly identifying the advancement and leadership potential as well as the developmental needs of managers is essential for sustaining a competitive, quality-oriented company. It is not an easy task, and most managers admit that selecting and promoting the right people is one of their most difficult and yet most important business decisions. PSP has devoted 60 years of research to the application of a process that allows companies to objectively evaluate the potential of managers.

With PSP's management norms and database, an individual's management potential can be compared with sucessful managers across a number of companies as well as with the company's existing pool of managers. Using PSP's professional interviews and assessment procedures will help a company to select the candidate with the greatest chance for successful performance.

The results? The company knows, in advance, who has the best change of succeeding and becoming an important contributor to the organization. With so much riding on the outcome, it is good to know that PSP can give a company the sound objective analysis needed to make the best decision.

For more information on using management selection processes in your organization, please contact PSP and/ or view the article in this link.

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