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Employee Retention/Opinion Surveys

PSP's Employee Retention/Opinion Surveys systematically discover and accurately document employee attitudes on almost any subject. PSP surveys are designed to gain the confidence and trust of the recipient, protecting the individual while gaining cooperation and eliciting all appropriate information. PSP has found that a properly used employee survey is an essential tool to provide an accurate gauge of the employees' attitudes toward their jobs, the company, their supervisors and management, as well as proposed changes or particular work situations.

PSP's Employee Surveys enable management to discover both major and subtle influences which determine whether employees stay or leave the organization. PSP has the experience to design the survey, posing questions in language familiar to the employee and addressing specific topics of concern to the organization. PSP surveys let management know the concerns of their employees before they begin to threaten the well-being of the organization. PSP also provides follow-up consulting for assisting management to use the survey information for effective organizational change initiatives.

For more information on using employee surveys in your organization, please contact PSP and/or view the article in this link.

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