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International Employee Selection

PSP's selection services are available worldwide and can be customized to the language and situation specific to each geographic region. PSP currently has, for example, online employee testing sites in Spanish (Mexico) and Chinese (Mainland China). Our 360 reviews and employee surveys are easily customized in any language for worldwide administration online.

For more information, be sure to view the articles listed below.

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» Improving Selection Decisions Around the World (Chinese Translation)

» Management Competencies for the Global Marketplace

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Employee Selection
Plant Start-Up
Sales Selection
Management Selection
Executive Selection
International Employee Selection
Succession Planning
Career Development
Leadership Dashboard
Executive Development
System Operator Selection
Employee Retention/Opinion Surveys
360° Assessment System
Behavioral Interview Training
Organizational Development
Competency Modeling
Training Needs Analysis
Performance Measurement
Performance-Based Downsizing
Personal Career Planning
Mergers and Acquisitions
New Leader Assimilation
Strategic Planning
Behavior/Habit Change


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