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Employee Selection

QRTS Quick Response Testing System

PSP's Quick Response Testing System (QRTS) has been installed at over 1,000 locations and is one of our fastest growing product lines. QRTS was developed in response to a need for an accurate, job-relevant and defensible means of selecting employees in circumstances where rapid turn-around and cost effectiveness are necessary, usually in the selection of hourly employees, clerical workers and first-level supervisors. To install QRTS, PSP conducts a careful analysis of the job and develops a group of employment tests that typically measure essential cognitive abilities and work behaviors. PSP's customers are trained to administer the tests themselves. PSP scores the tests and prepares a profile sheet which presents the test results in graphic form, ready to be mailed or telefaxed to the customer, usually within 24 hours of testing.

QRTS Achieves 53% improvement

Proof that pre-hire testing with QRTS has a positive impact on selection procedures was produced in a study of employees at a major manufacturing company. PSP compared the test scores of workers who were tested prior to hiring with a group of employees tested after hiring. The group that was tested before hiring consistently produced higher scores on every major test dimension.

Even more importantly, PSP identified a relationship between stronger pre-hire QRTS test scores and job performance. When the rated performance of the employees selected with the help of QRTS was compared with that of employees who were tested after hiring, the differences again favored the group tested before hiring. Analysis of these differences revealed that QRTS improved hiring effectiveness - based on actual work performance - by over 53%.

For more information on employee selection in your organization, please contact PSP and/or view the article in this link.

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