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New Leader Assimilation

When a new leader joins a team or a company, his/her direct reports have understandable concerns regarding the new leader's expectations, management style, ideas, and perceptions. These concerns need to be addressed and clarified in order to get the new leader off to a good start and to allay any apprehension that may exist among team members. By surfacing issues early and discussing them openly, development of a strong positive working relationship between the new leader and the team can be accelerated.

PSP's New Leader Assimilation process brings the new leader up to speed quickly, promotes team spirit, reduces apprehension, and establishes a two-way flow of communication between the new leader and his/her team. The process is facilitated by PSP psychologists who have extensive experience in executive/management team building and new manager on-boarding.

The PSP New Leader Assimilation process provides a safe and controlled forum for rapid orientation and familiarization of team leader with team members. The process, ideally undertaken during the first two weeks of the new leader's assignment, enables all parties to "hit the ground running." The New Leader Assimilation process prepares the team to get to moving on the business objectives, challenges, and issues that really matter, rather than to get bogged down with worries and concerns about what the new boss will be like.

New Leader Assimilation can be used effectively by all levels of managers from first line management to senior executive. Employees who participate in New Leader Assimilation appreciate the chance to share their concerns at this critical time of transition. New leaders who participate in the process appreciate the efficient use of time to build momentum and esprit de corps.

For more information on New Leader Assimilation and how the process can be customized for your company, please contact a PSP industrial psychologist.


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